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Battlefy Dev Update: August 2019

Battlefy September 5th 2019

August was an exciting month for Battlefy — we attended PAX West 2019, built the first phase of our mobile plan, and crushed a Starship Troopers amount of bugs.


Feature Updates

  • We’re going mobile! We are in the process of building out slick mobile versions of our game hubs, starting with Critical Ops. This is part of our larger goal of improving the Battlefy experience on mobile.
  • More ratings + more data = Better tournaments. How can organizers level up without seeing their stats? We added in more ways to capture player experience and provide direct feedback to our tournament organizers.
  • We jacked up our server performance. The Super Smash Bros. NA Open this month generated huge numbers, and this is just the beginning. We made tweaks to our backend infrastructure to handle crazy amounts of traffic for more Smash goodness.
  • We are committing more resources to security. We take security seriously. To this end, we have expanded our dedicated security team internally and developed new processes to approach security for each project.
  • We built a new landing page for brands. These partnerships help us power our biggest most awesome tournaments. This is something we will be iterating on next month to make it easier for brands to connect with Battlefy.

General Improvements

  • Ladder matches now show up properly in global notifications. Nobody likes to miss a match, we have your back.
  • Fixed an issue with League of Legends score reporting. Worked with Riot to sort out an API issue around auto score reporting — it’s all good now.
  • Fixed portal issues in Super Smash Bros. Tournaments. Clicking certain elements used to redirect to the main SSB page, which doesn’t make much sense.
  • Fixed a tournament linking issue with League of Legends. You’re now ready to hit the rift.
  • Addressed a timezone issue in “Browse” which kept defaulting to GMT. There is now no excuse for missing a tournament!
  • New account, who dis? Fixed an issue where changing account names didn’t update on Battlefy. Your new identity is now good to go.
  • You’ve got mail… from organizers. We’ve tweaked this so it’s easier to use and clearer for admins.
  • Fixed the Organizer Activity Feed so it loads data smoothly. Scroll away without constraint!


  • We’re getting deep in the data. Seriously, it’s like a spreadsheet festival over here. We have a ton of data on our platform from running tens of thousands of tournaments a month, and we are going to surface more of that in fun and meaningful ways.
  • Our homepage needs an overhaul. Our first phase of experimentation is under way, with the goal of surfacing more relevant tournaments and opportunities to Battlefy players.
  • The War on Fraud. Battlefy is growing quickly, and that means some users are trying to bamboozle others with fake tournaments. We are building systems to ensure this doesn’t happen.
  • Making it easier for the little guy. It’s easy to focus on the big stuff, but we believe everyone needs a chance to run awesome tournaments. We are exploring some systems so new up and coming orgs can promote their tournaments.

We are always looking to improve, and your feedback is a big part of making that happen. If you have some direct feedback about our features, platform, or anything else — please email, or shoot us a DM on social.

For the latest updates and news from the Battlefy team, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. If you have any specific questions about any development updates, just leave a comment below!



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