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Battlefy Dev Update: September 2019

Battlefy October 1st 2019

Autumn is here — and so are new updates from the Battlefy team. It’s getting cold outside, but things are heating up with tons of development improvements across our platform, alongside major feature improvements on Game Hubs, Mobile, and the homepage!


Feature Updates

  • Things just got personal. We updated how the Game Preferences system works to make Battlefy a more personalized experience. Now when you save your preferred games the system stores it to serve up more relevant tournaments and opportunities.
  • We come highly rated. We’ve added a system that allows players to rate their past tournament experiences, so we can give more information to the organizers, helping them improve.
  • It’s a Critical Hit! We put a ton of work into updating the Critical Ops Game Hub this month — mobile design, core functionality, onboarding, and more. Mobile optimization across titles will be a focus going forward.
  • Performed an exorcism on “Ghost Matches”. It was possible to create disputes from cancelled ladder matches or “ghost matches” in Super Smash Bros — we got out our ghostbusting tools and changed how our system handles these.
  • Hey! This guy is a phoney! There’s only one Faker we like, and these are not him. We are actively combating fake reviews on organizer leaderboards to ensure all feedback is legit.

General Improvements

  • League pages were not loading correctly in some instances, we removed legacy API code and things are good to go.
  • Select tournaments were not showing community rewards and player IDs. Rewards are now back where they should be.
  • Adjusted some logic in the Critical Ops Game Hub to ensure tournaments were showing up correctly.
  • Removed old logic that prevented user accounts being created where emails contained the word “Battlefy”
  • Resolved a CSS issue that was causing help text to not appear in Hearthstone Masters tournaments.
  • Fixed an issue that temporarily broke Hearthstone deckstrings when copied from the game client.
  • Fixed a rare issue where Day 2 of consecutive ladder matches were not working correctly.
  • Solved an edgecase where a user created multiple teams and then removed themselves, making the join tournament button not work.
  • Fixed an issue where Ring of Elysium tournaments were not being deleted correctly.
  • Tournament streams were not being saved correctly. We updated some channel name logic — you’re now ready to get those subs.
  • Players were unable to click the invite button in some beta FFA brackets, we fixed that up, so mash that inv.
  • Resetting a Swiss/Custom Match did not update the standings, we fixed it so it does!
  • Fixed an issue with team logos not loading correctly for certain teammates.
  • When creating a FIFA 19/20 swiss or elim bracket you can now use aggregate scoring. This allows for more flexibility in tournament structures.


  • There’s no place like home. We are still driving hard towards a new format for our homepage, things are coming along nicely and we can’t wait to share our new look with you in the near future.
  • Esports on the go. The first version of the Battlefy mobile app, focused on Hearthstone, is on the way. We announced our plans with Blizzard last month, and our commitment to delivering a best-in-class mobile experience by the end of October. Stay tuned for more updates!

We are always looking to improve, and your feedback is a big part of making that happen. If you have some direct feedback about our features, platform, or anything else — please email, or shoot us a DM on social.

For the latest updates and news from the Battlefy team, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. If you have any specific questions about any development updates, just leave a comment below!



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