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Hearthstone Masters Feature Improvements

Battlefy September 12th 2019

Battlefy is excited to announce new updates for the Hearthstone Masters Qualifiers. Over the last 3 months we’ve worked directly with the community, whose feedback has helped us identify opportunities for improvement. Thanks to everyone who helped us by filling out our survey and participating in user studies (extra special thanks to Maciej, Raena, Andrew, Dylan, Salt and Jake, who went above and beyond with our user feedback sessions).

Battlefy Mobile Application and Push Notifications

We are leveling up the mobile experience on Battlefy starting with a mobile app for Hearthstone Masters series players. The application will include the following features:

  • Deck List: Submissions & Editing
  • Tournament Check-in
  • Match: Check-in, Chat, Disputes
  • Score Reporting
  • Match History (per tournament)

In addition, the app will enable push notifications for the following:

  • Tournament & Match Check-in
  • Waitlist & Seeding
  • New Matches
  • Reported Disputes
  • Dropped Opponents

Our goal is to greatly improve player experience and give you peace of mind by pushing notifications during tournaments. Feel free to take a break between rounds — the Batttlefy Mobile app will have your back!

Estimated Launch: End of October

Additional Features

Waitlist Position

We heard you loud and clear: not knowing if you’re seeded into a bracket or on the waitlist isn’t an exciting experience. While we are still formulating our plans for this improvement, we’re committed to creating more visibility around your position in queue. Exact launch date coming soon.

Deck List Submission

We saw a lot of strange decks being submitted during registration. Wondering why, we heard from players that they didn’t feel ready to submit their complete decklists for a qualifier at the time of registration (sometimes 2 weeks before tournament day). In response, we will allow players to bypass the deck list registration step in the tournament. Players will be required to submit decks before they are able to check into a qualifier. This will be coming end of October.

Deck List Viewing

We’re improving the way deck lists are displayed on mobile. This will include updating card lists to display additional languages, as well as displaying the corresponding card image. This will be coming end of October.

There are a ton of great Hearthstone features and improvements coming up. We are committed to delivering the best competitive experience for our community, and your voice matters. If you want the latest updates and tournaments from Battlefy — just follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.



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