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This code fools half the people

Ronald ChenNovember 21st 2022

Typescript in WebAssembly as Zig struct

Ronald ChenNovember 14th 2022

How a principal developer solves any problem

Ronald ChenNovember 7th 2022

Zig made it easy to pass strings back and forth with WebAssembly

Ronald ChenOctober 31st 2022

Zig and WebAssembly are a match made in heaven

Ronald ChenOctober 24th 2022

How many bytes are wasted loading a webapp?

Ronald ChenOctober 17th 2022

Cloud platform is an odd game genre

Ronald ChenOctober 10th 2022

Smuggling web standards

Ronald ChenOctober 3rd 2022

Limiting concurrency with promises

Ronald ChenSeptember 26th 2022

Don't break the Internet

Ronald ChenSeptember 19th 2022

Canvas is a superposition of 3 spaces

Ronald ChenSeptember 12th 2022

Just one event listener will do

Ronald ChenSeptember 5th 2022

3 ways to type a closure–most of them bad

Ronald ChenAugust 29th 2022

Parameter objects are annoying with TypeScript

Ronald ChenAugust 22nd 2022

More on assertion function with string literals

Ronald ChenAugust 15th 2022

How to earn respect & gain clout within the team

Ronald ChenAugust 8th 2022

How to kill legacy systems

Ronald ChenAugust 1st 2022

Removing assertions from production build with Vite

Ronald ChenJuly 25th 2022

Tree shaking lodash with Vite

Ronald ChenJuly 18th 2022

Refactor lying TypeScript type assertions into real assertions

Ronald ChenJuly 11th 2022

<iframe> is almost a good enough <portal>

Ronald ChenJuly 4th 2022

Code is multicoloured

Ronald ChenJune 27th 2022

Password reset is just passwordless with more steps

Ronald ChenJune 20th 2022

How to fix inside-out functional programming with pipe

Ronald ChenJune 13th 2022

Bad tests pass; good tests fail; great tests say why

Ronald ChenJune 6th 2022
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