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Match Dispute

Battlefy March 14th 2017

On MARCH 15TH, 2017, we are excited to announce the first version of our match dispute functionality.

Problem: We noticed players having frustrations in matches and needing an admin’s help as soon as possible. The ways they were getting help was slow and confusing. We don’t like slow and confusing.

Solution: Any player on a team can now “flag” any match to notify the tournament administrator of a problem.

When the match has been flagged, the admin will get a live notification (no refresh required)!

For administrators, these flagged matches will appear in the “Match Disputes” section (in the Manage section).

Clicking a match that is in dispute will load the match page in a new tab where you can discuss with players using the match chat, and then resolve the match once the business is done!

Like this feature? Give us feedback here on how we can continue to improve it.

Otherwise, hit us up at with any questions!

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March 20th 2017



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