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My love letter to software

Ronald Chen January 24th 2022

O software, how I love you. You are the ultimate sophistication. Your possibilities are endless. Let me count the number of ways I love you.

I love your repeatability

When I ask you to do something, you always do so exactly. Every time you seemingly do the wrong thing, in the end it was always my fault.

Either I didn’t provide you the environment for you to run correctly or it was I who precisely instructed you to do the wrong thing. You have never failed me.

I promise to keep side-effects out of you and to aspire to make everything referentially transparent.

I love your immediacy

You are always responsive to my requests. You can make any change right away without delay. Often people blame you for being sluggish, but it is never your fault. The fault always resides in me.

I’m sorry when you get the blame for my own inability to describe what I need you to do minimally. I’m sorry when you get the blame and I don’t take the user experience into account and chunk up larger tasks to prevent stalling of the UI thread. I’m sorry when you get the blame when I provided an underpowered computer.

We can be better. We can simplify and remove abstractions. We can let your true self shine.

In comparison, your counterparts are at a standstill. Want to change hardware? Deal with manufacturing. Want to change the organization? Deal with humans.

I love your prevalence

You are everywhere. You give me the ability to affect the digital and physical world from the comfort of my keyboard. We as a human species have never has such power at our literal finger tips, and you have provided for us.

I love how you will only grow in scale. Everyday you can be found in more places and have higher impact.

I love how mathematical you are

You have the beauty of math, but are so much more practical. I love how your type system is being formalized as Category theory. I love how you help us understand the limits of knowability itself. Running you in a production system is applied control theory. I love how you show us steady state is what peak performance looks like and what goes wrong when we violate this.

I love how you show us what it even means to agree on the same thing.

I love how human you are

How we think about you reveal so much more about ourselves. You show us how we organize ourselves. You show us how we grow with you. You have us understand reality. You show us what feels good.

I love how this is only the beginning

While you’ve been growing for decades, I feel like this is only the beginning. We still can’t fathom what you will become. There are so many new software technologies on the horizon such as WebAssembly and virtual reality. We don’t even know how we’re going to fully utilize you.

Do you also love software? You’re in luck, Battlefy is hiring.



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