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Shadowverse Community Prizing

Battlefy October 4th 2017

Tournament organizers now have the opportunity to receive sponsored community prizing for Shadowverse directly from Cygames, the developer of the game.

More Events. More Prizing.

We’re excited to partner with Cygames as their exclusive tournament platform for International Community Prizing (excluding North Asia). The Shadowverse community now has a platform that has consistent events and prizing.

What exactly is the prizing? Here’s a snazzy graphic with the breakdown of how many Vials the top 4 players of a tournament could win, based on the number of participants.

The more participants, the larger the prize pool. For players, the registration process is the same as joining any other tournament on Battlefy — and if you end up placing in a prized event, you’re likely to receive in-game prizing from Cygames. Awesome, right?

Tournament Organizers

If you’re a Shadowverse tournament organizer who wants to qualify for community prizing, the 3 step process is the following:

  1. Create and submit your tournament for approval
  2. Promote and run your tournament
  3. Send in your tournament results to get prizing

You’ll be reminded of these steps immediately after you’ve chosen to create a Shadowverse tournament, as seen in the screenshot below.

Near the end of the creation process, you’ll be prompted to submit your tournament for Community Prizing as shown in the following screenshot. To be eligible, your tournament must meet the following requirements, as seen in screenshot below:

  1. Minimum of 8 players participating in the tournament
  2. All players in the tournament have valid Battlefy accounts
  3. Streamed with VODs available after the tournament
  4. Submission request at least 14 days before the tournament start date
  5. Are not open to China, Japan, Korea, North Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau

Once you click “Submit Your Tournament,” you’ll be taken to the Community Prizing portal to review your submission and officially submit it for approval to receive free prizing!

As you can see from the Community Prizing Portal below, you’ll find the details of your tournament, including whether or not you’ve submitted it too late for approval, and a place to add where the tournament is being streamed.

After officially submitting your tournament by clicking “Submit Tournament,” you’ll receive a message when your tournament has been reviewed. You can also return back to your tournament page directly from this page.

After returning to your tournament from the Community Prizing portal, you’ll have confirmation in the “Submit” tab that your tournament has been submitted. Now is the time to do what you do for any other tournament, which is also Step 2 of Community Prizing: promote and run it.

Assuming your tournament finished and successfully met the eligibility requirements, you’ll then be ready for Step 3: sending in your tournament results to get prizing — which is all done back in the Community Prizing portal.

The most important part of sending in your information is listing the winners of the tournament. This way, Cygames knows which player to give in-game prizing to and how much.

You also will need to fill out information from the stream of the event and click “Mark as complete” for your tournament results to be officially submitted.

Cygames then receives the information of each player who won prizing from your event, and appropriately rewards them in-game. Then, it’s on to the next one!

Are you ready to run an officially prized Shadowverse event!? Get after it!

Have any questions? Email us and we’ll do our best to answer them.

Additional Rules

This section lists specific rules on organizing a Shadowverse tournament with Community Prizing.

  1. The tournament must be competitive and fair with clear winners.
  2. The tournament must have clear rules that discourage cheating.
  3. The tournament must not include or endorse offensive content or behavior.
  4. The live stream must use an unmodified (such as altered textures or sound files) international version of the game.
  5. The tournament’s branding must use creative assets from the international version of Shadowverse (not the Japanese version).
  6. In the “Rules” section of the Battlefy event page you must specify the languages in which the tournament will be conducted in. Players must be able to communicate in one of these languages.
  7. Players must ensure they input their correct Shadowverse ID to ensure they are prized properly. No recourse will be given for incorrect ID entry.
  8. Players from Japan, Republic of Korea, North Korea, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and Macau are not eligible for community prizing tournaments.
  9. Battlefy reserves the right to deny prizing for any reason at their sole discretion.
  10. Terms and conditions are subject to change. Any changes to Shadowverse Prizing Support rules will be advertised in the event blog post here (URL)



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