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Why Do People Watch Esports?

Battlefy July 27th 2016

There are a number of reasons people opt to watch anything on Twitch, YouTube, and other broadcast services. However, when it comes to esports content, there’s a driving force stronger than any other: self-improvement. In a survey conducted of players in the US by Magid and Battlefy, 89% of viewers say that they watch esports to get better at playing the game. Additionally, 83% say they like watching something at a professional level that they actively participate in.

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So far, developers and publishers are noting the interest in viewing esports content by putting on large invitational events streamed to the public and sometimes even broadcast on television. However, to close the loop, developers also need to support competition at the amateur level so viewers can put into practice what they’ve seen the professionals do.

Battlefy has made it possible for developers of all sizes to engage with their amateur and professional players in open tournaments. We are proud to power Riot Games’ University League of Legends initiative providing thousands of college and university students across North America the opportunity to participate in club and intramural events. We are also proud to power tournaments in Blizzard Entertainment’s Hearthstone Championship Tour, one of the largest open esports tournament circuits in the world where professional and amateur players start off with equal footing as they aim to qualify for the World Championships.

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What’s most important about these tournaments is the experience they offer. Although big prize pools like those crowdsourced for The International every year may make headlines in the press, less than half the players consider that to be an important factor in what they look for in a tournament. The most important element of a tournament? Making sure it’s well organized with a large, open community of friendly competitors.

These are the type of events the Battlefy platform excels at with our large stable of experienced organizers hosting regular tournaments for a variety of games they’re passionate about. If you’re looking to close the loop on your esport — or if you represent a brand that wants to get involved with esports at the grassroots level — drop us a line!


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