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Introducing Strongboxes, Your Digital Presence and Player Rewards

BattlefySeptember 12th 2016

Behold the new Battlefy Strongbox. Stronger than any other box you have encountered. Rumour has it, a bald eagle once dropped one of these suckers from 500 meters — not even a scratch!

But seriously, enough with the mystery! We have designed some really cool looking components for your digital appearance on Battlefy! Now your opponents will gawk in awe when you don that vampire cloak and super saiyan mullet. Heck, you can even be a chicken leg… if you’re into that (promise we won’t judge).

Interesting bunch, wouldn’t you say?

So, what’s the catch? Well… you already compete on Battlefy, so we thought we would give you something for doing that! The more you compete, the more strongboxes you earn. Simple enough right? Match wins will earn you more than losses, but you can still be a winner while being a loser in this system.

To see if a tournament offers rewards, lookout for this banner on the tournament’s overview section:

Here are the details for those with a preference for TL;DR:

  1. We added digital avatars for each player. Customize your look and be recognized immediately — everywhere on the site
  2. Earn these digital components by competing for strongboxes
  3. Rewards will only be made available in select tournaments at launch
  4. If you love this, you can buy more strongboxes from the Battlefy Armoury. Find it on your navigation bar!

Happy competing! If you want to give us feedback about this product feature, or just want to send us some love, email us at or tweet us here.


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